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Invitation Process
Invited Friends
Friends Registration
Earn Rewards
Detailed Rules
1. Event introduction:You can pick the suitable channels to share this event with your friends. Once your friend registered on Beebeecraft via the link you shared, both you and your friend will receive the corresponding event rewards.
2. Current event rewards:Your reward: every time a friend registers successfully, you will receive a no thrsehold 15% off coupon as reward (valid for 1 months). Coupons cannot be combined with other coupons.
Your friend's reward: after they have registered successfully, they will receive an extra 10% off coupon (valid for 1 months).
3. How to claim reward:Reward will be automatically distributed to you and your friend's Beebeecraft account - My coupons. You and your friend will also receive an email notification regarding the reward.

During the event period, you need to complete the entire event sharing in order for our platform to distribute the corresponding rewards.


If you participate in this event with any improper means or fraudulent methods (including but not limited to malicious sharing, cheating, sharing and registering using illegal tools, logging in to multiple accounts, disrupting the system, etc.), Beebeecraft has the right to mark your account as abnormal and you will not be rewarded.

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