BENECREAT 18-Gauge Tarnish Resistant Gold Wire, 33-Feet/11-Yard(CWIR-BC0001-1.0mm-G)

BENECREAT 18-Gauge Tarnish Resistant Gold Wire, 33-Feet/11-Yard(CWIR-BC0001-1.0mm-G)

  1. MALLEABLE / FLEXIBLE / PLIABLE COPPER WIRE- Soft temper wire is shapeable, Easy to bend or or be cut with pliers, but not easily broken at all
  2. MEASUREMENT: Thickness 18 Guage (1mm,0.039inch); Length 10m (about 33-Feet/11-Yard)
  3. VERSATILE- Great for making jewelry components such as chain maille, beaded chain, jump rings, earwires, and wire wrapped pendants or any craft project
  4. PERMANENTLY COLORED- Color: Gold; Tarnish resistant coating, Permanently enamel colored, sturdy and durable
  5. EXTRA LONG PACKING- 10M/11Yard; Consistent color and thickness; Extremely low price; Note: a slight color distinguish may caused by light or displayers

Product Description

BENECREAT? Craft Copper Wire, Golden

Size: about 1mm thick, about 10m/roll, packing size: 70x84.5x16.5mm.

Customer Reviews

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  • As Described & Easy to Work With

    By Ca**t

    2021-08-04 02:29

    Size: 20 Gauge (0.8mm) | Color: Antique Bronze - 20 Gauge

    26 gauge / Silver—More of a Sterling silver finish—retaining its shine even after working with it for quite some time.
    Perfect for Wire Weaving & Wrapping Stones. Allows enough mendability for creativity & intricate designes while still maintaining its integrity.

  • Easy To Work With

    By Ca**t

    2021-08-04 01:28

    Size: 24 Gauge (0.5mm) | Color: Golden - 24 Gauge

    I wire wrap and weave daily for my specialty shop, I have no complaints with the silver wire and I purchase all gauges. For me, it is easy to work with and looks wonderful on the finished piece. I have bought from nearly every online shop, but keep coming back to this specific one.

  • Excellent

    By An**z

    2021-01-02 07:56

    Size: 20 Gauge (0.8mm) | Color: Rose Gold - 20 Gauge

    Soft copper. Easy to bend. It doesn't tarnish or lose its color. I would order again.

  • Great for beginners

    By An**z

    2021-01-02 07:54

    Size: 20 Gauge (0.8mm) | Color: Silver - 20 Gauge

    Soft copper, easy to work with. It doesn't tarnish. Fantastic.

  • Precioso color.

    By ni**a

    2020-06-09 15:02

    Size: 18 Gauge (1mm) | Color: Antique Bronze - 18 Gauge

    Suave, fácil de maneja y combina muy bien con los colores pastel. Les dejo tutorial de un anillo y una pulsera que realicé.

  • Excelente

    By ni**a

    2020-05-20 17:26

    Size: 18 Gauge (1mm) | Color: Antique Bronze - 18 Gauge

    He probado este color no hace mucho. Creía que podría despintar, para nada, es buenisimo y precioso. Hice este tutorial.

  • Excelente

    By ni**a

    2019-07-27 18:03

    Size: 20 Gauge (0.8mm) | Color: Golden - 20 Gauge

    He probado este alambre de color dorado que recuerda al oro antiguo. Me ha gustado mucho. Lo he martilleado para realizar palas y hecho formas de fantasía. No se estropea ni araña. Les dejo 4 tutoriales y alguna foto. Uso productos de esta tienda para mi canal.

  • Excelente

    By ni**a

    2019-07-27 17:41

    Size: 18 Gauge (1mm) | Color: Silver - 18 Gauge

    He probado este alambre, es muy brillante, resiste martillazos, no se agrieta, es lavable. No es demasiado duro y es adecuado para la mayoría de diseños. Realicé varios tutoriales y pruebas con el. Me ha gustado mucho. He probado otras marcas, también buenas, pero este es el que más brilla. Le dejo enlaces de tutoriales. Pueden encontrar más tutoriales sobre materiales de esta tienda en mi canal.

  • Good quality wire.

    By J **e

    2018-06-17 09:08

    Size: 20 Gauge (0.8mm) | Color: Antique Bronze - 20 Gauge

    Good quality wire. I would recommend this and I would also purchase it again.

  • worked good.

    By Ni**z

    2018-06-16 02:10

    Size: 18 Gauge (1mm) | Color: Gunmetal - 18 Gauge

    I used it for a dog fence I was building. worked good.

  • Great jewelry making and craft staple

    By sa**l

    2018-06-06 13:02

    Size: 22 Gauge (0.6mm) | Color: Silver - 22 Gauge

    Versatile wire. This wire is fairly soft. It works well in a variety of different projects.

  • Five Stars

    By fi**y

    2018-06-02 15:58

    Size: 26 Gauge (0.4mm) | Color: Rose Gold - 26 Gauge

    exactly what I was expecting and as described

  • Five Stars

    By Te**t

    2018-05-27 15:26

    Size: 24 Gauge (0.5mm) | Color: Gunmetal - 24 Gauge

    This was perfect for a project I did with my students. Bendable metal, but still holds its shape.

  • Heavy Duty

    By La**s

    2018-05-22 11:19

    Size: 20 Gauge (0.8mm) | Color: Silver - 20 Gauge

    This is a 20 gauge wire and is working very well in creating bracelet size rosaries and earrings.

  • Cant beat it for value for money :)

    By Ta**t

    2018-05-17 08:46

    Size: 26 Gauge (0.4mm) | Color: Antique Bronze - 26 Gauge

    Love this product, easy to work and holds its shape well. Having used this before I knew to be careful with it as it does show tool marks easily.


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BENECREAT 18-Gauge Tarnish Resistant Gold Wire, 33-Feet/11-Yard

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