BENECREAT 18-Gauge Tarnish Resistant Silver Coil Wire, 33-Feet/11-Yard(CWIR-BC0001-1.0mm-S)

BENECREAT 18-Gauge Tarnish Resistant Silver Coil Wire, 33-Feet/11-Yard(CWIR-BC0001-1.0mm-S)

  1. MALLEABLE / FLEXIBLE / PLIABLE COPPER WIRE- Soft temper wire is shapeable, Easy to bend or or be cut with pliers, but not easily broken at all
  2. MEASUREMENT: Thickness 18 Guage (1mm,0.039inch); Length 10m (about 33-Feet/11-Yard)
  3. VERSATILE- Great for making jewelry components such as chain maille, beaded chain, jump rings, earwires, and wire wrapped pendants or any craft project
  4. PERMANENTLY COLORED- Color: Silver; Tarnish resistant coating, Permanently enamel colored, sturdy and durable
  5. EXTRA LONG PACKING- 10M/11Yard; Consistent color and thickness; Extremely low price

Product Description

BENECREAT Craft Copper Wire, Silver

Size: about 1mm thick, about 10m/roll, packing size: 70x84.5x16.5mm.

Customer Reviews

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  • excellent quality

    By So**z

    2018-04-21 05:25

    Size: 28 Gauge (0.3mm) | Color: Antique Bronze - 28 Gauge

    excellent product, product is very easy to work with. I love the packaging wire stays put no wire unravelling. fast shipping.very pleased

  • Five Stars

    By na**n

    2018-04-12 12:46

    Size: 24 Gauge (0.5mm) | Color: Silver - 24 Gauge

    It is what I expected

  • Easy to use and cuts with a wire cutter

    By An**z

    2018-03-30 00:34

    Size: 24 Gauge (0.5mm) | Color: Rose Gold - 24 Gauge

    Vibrant colour! Easy to use and cuts with a wire cutter.

  • Perfect thickness and length

    By KA**L

    2018-03-26 19:17

    Size: 24 Gauge (0.5mm) | Color: Golden - 24 Gauge

    Just exactly what I need for the project. Perfect thickness and length.

  • Five Stars

    By Te**n

    2018-03-21 22:17

    Size: 26 Gauge (0.4mm) | Color: Silver - 26 Gauge

    good for what I needed it for, using it for crafts

  • Five Stars

    By Ja**r

    2018-03-15 14:32

    Size: 22 Gauge (0.6mm) | Color: Golden - 22 Gauge


  • Five Stars

    By Ro**r

    2018-03-02 07:03

    Size: 18 Gauge (1mm) | Color: Rose Gold - 18 Gauge

    Exactly what I needed for my crafting project

  • my fave

    By An**y

    2018-02-26 08:22

    Size: 18 Gauge (1mm) | Color: Golden - 18 Gauge

    I love it. Its so pliable but sturdy enough with the right method to stand on its on and its so shiny and beautiful especially when hammered.

  • Four Stars

    By Di**d

    2018-02-25 01:49

    Size: 26 Gauge (0.4mm) | Color: Silver - 26 Gauge

    using this for weaving about small glass bottles

  • Five Stars

    By Gi**y

    2018-02-21 01:10

    Size: 22 Gauge (0.6mm) | Color: Gunmetal - 22 Gauge

    good quality

  • My favourite!

    By Ja**s

    2018-02-20 12:29

    Size: 22 Gauge (0.6mm) | Color: Antique Bronze - 22 Gauge

    My absolute FAVORITE wire to work with for sure! LOVE the color, a pleasure to work with!

  • Perfect color.

    By Mo**n

    2018-02-14 18:24

    Size: 28 Gauge (0.3mm) | Color: Silver - 28 Gauge

    Exactly what I expected. Perfect color.

  • very nice wire

    By Fe**z

    2018-02-07 08:39

    Size: 18 Gauge (1mm) | Color: Antique Bronze - 18 Gauge

    very nice wire I used it to coiling wire beads for a bracelet and it looks great thank's mandala crafts I will continue to buy from you for your quality products as well as your price.

  • Four Stars

    By Ma**n

    2018-02-04 17:37

    Size: 28 Gauge (0.3mm) | Color: Golden - 28 Gauge

    good pliable wire for jewelry.

  • Good wire

    By Kr**h

    2018-02-01 12:38

    Size: 20 Gauge (0.8mm) | Color: Golden - 20 Gauge

    This wire arrived as expected. The gauge is the same as advertised, and the quality seems good. The finish of the wire is also as expected.


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BENECREAT 18-Gauge Tarnish Resistant Silver Coil Wire, 33-Feet/11-Yard

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