35% OFF BENECREAT 20-Gauge Tarnish Resistant Silver Coil Wire, 33-Feet/11-Yard(CWIR-BC0001-0.8mm-S)

35% OFF BENECREAT 20-Gauge Tarnish Resistant Silver Coil Wire, 33-Feet/11-Yard(CWIR-BC0001-0.8mm-S)

  1. MALLEABLE / FLEXIBLE / PLIABLE COPPER WIRE- Soft temper wire is shapeable, Easy to bend or or be cut with pliers, but not easily broken at all
  2. MEASUREMENT: Thickness 20 Guage (0.8mm,0.032inch); Length 10m (about 33-Feet/11-Yard)
  3. VERSATILE- Great for making jewelry components such as chain maille, beaded chain, jump rings, earwires, and wire wrapped pendants or any craft project
  4. PERMANENTLY COLORED- Color: Silver; Tarnish resistant coating, Permanently enamel colored, sturdy and durable
  5. EXTRA LONG PACKING- 10M/11Yard; Consistent color and thickness; Extremely low price

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BENECREAT? Craft Copper Wire, Silver

Size: about 0.8mm thick, about 10m/roll, packing size: 70x84.5x16.5mm.

Customer Reviews

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  • Prefect!!!

    By Ca**g

    2023-01-30 11:33

    Size: 26 Gauge (0.4mm) | Color: Golden - 26 Gauge

    I like them, both 26 and 28 gauge!

  • Perfect!

    By Ra**r

    2021-08-21 00:39

    Size: 22 Gauge (0.6mm) | Color: Rose Gold - 22 Gauge

    I had never worked with 26-gauge wire for making necklaces and bracelets. 100% perfect! I will buy again!

  • So pretty

    By Au**z

    2021-08-20 03:11

    Size: 22 Gauge (0.6mm) | Color: Antique Bronze - 22 Gauge

    I like the quality

  • Product is good!

    By Ju**r

    2021-08-20 03:02

    Size: 18 Gauge (1mm) | Color: Gunmetal - 18 Gauge

    This is a good product.

  • Good Value

    By ni**a

    2021-08-20 02:37

    Size: 20 Gauge (0.8mm) | Color: Gunmetal - 20 Gauge

    Pretty good they will work perfect for my craft

  • Great purchase!

    By Au**z

    2021-08-20 02:12

    Size: 26 Gauge (0.4mm) | Color: Rose Gold - 26 Gauge

    I am so happy with this product. Fast delivery, the size is just what I wanted!

  • Good quality

    By co**s

    2021-08-19 01:44

    Size: 24 Gauge (0.5mm) | Color: Rose Gold - 24 Gauge

    I like the quality

  • Good Value for Tarnish-Resistant 26g Wire

    By Si**n

    2021-08-11 02:38

    Size: 26 Gauge (0.4mm) | Color: Antique Bronze - 26 Gauge

    So far I have been favorably impressed with the Benecreat wire. It's not snagging or twisting any more than the wires I usually use. It's not flaked off with all the manipulations I do to the wire. While only time will tell regarding the anti-tarnish, at this point I am very happy with my purchase.

  • As Described & Easy to Work With

    By To**d

    2021-08-11 02:34

    Size: 26 Gauge (0.4mm) | Color: Antique Bronze - 26 Gauge

    Perfect for Wire Weaving & Wrapping Stones. Allows enough mendability for creativity & intricate designes while still maintaining its integrity.

  • Flexible

    By Ma**o

    2021-08-06 03:02

    Size: 28 Gauge (0.3mm) | Color: Golden - 28 Gauge

    I ordered 3 colors of this product. Easy to use, flexible. You get a good quantity of it. I enjoyed working with it. Would order again.

  • Good quality! Would buy again!

    By Be**

    2021-08-06 01:17

    Size: 20 Gauge (0.8mm) | Color: Golden - 20 Gauge

    Very nice quality. Easy to use for wire wrapping

  • Nice

    By Le**j

    2021-08-06 00:51

    Size: 24 Gauge (0.5mm) | Color: Silver - 24 Gauge

    I do wire wrapping on glass and needed this gauge of wire, easily bendable will not tarnish very pleased with item and will buy again.

  • Perfect

    By Kh**

    2021-08-06 00:39

    Size: 28 Gauge (0.3mm) | Color: Silver - 28 Gauge

    Great! Used it to make these geometric centerpiece for my brothers future wedding.. the wire was sturdy enough to hold it all together. Great buy.

  • Beautiful and unique yellow gold. I love it

    By ch**e

    2021-08-06 00:28

    Size: 18 Gauge (1mm) | Color: Golden - 18 Gauge

    It's beautiful wire. Easy, strong and soft to wrapp. I love that it's a yellow gold color. Very elegant because it's a brighter tone. To me it's more of a unique kind of gold. I am happy with the purchase.


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BENECREAT 20-Gauge Tarnish Resistant Silver Coil Wire, 33-Feet/11-Yard

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