BENECREAT Copper Wire Permanently Colored Wire, 28 g, 100 m/109 yd., Gold color(CWIR-BC0001-0.3mm-G)

BENECREAT Copper Wire Permanently Colored Wire, 28 g, 100 m/109 yd., Gold color(CWIR-BC0001-0.3mm-G)

  1. Size: 28 gauge (0.3mm, 0.012inch), length 100m (about 109 yard).
  2. Material: Malleable/flexible/pliable copper wire- soft temper wire is shapeable, easy to shape or bend.
  3. Usage: Great for making jewelry components such as chain maille, beaded chain, jump rings.
  4. Extra long packing- 100m/109yard, consistent color and thickness, extremely low price.
  5. Note: the picture shown is a representation of the item, you'll receive from the actual size items. Picture may appear larger on your screen. Color may vary slightly due to the color setting of each individual monitor. Please double check the sizes before purchasing.

Product Description

BENECREAT? Craft Copper Wire, Golden

Size: about 0.3mm thick, about 100m/roll, packing size: 70x84.5x16.5mm.

Customer Reviews

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  • Good quality wire.

    By J **e

    2018-06-17 09:08

    Size: 20 Gauge (0.8mm) | Color: Antique Bronze - 20 Gauge

    Good quality wire. I would recommend this and I would also purchase it again.

  • worked good.

    By Ni**z

    2018-06-16 02:10

    Size: 18 Gauge (1mm) | Color: Gunmetal - 18 Gauge

    I used it for a dog fence I was building. worked good.

  • Great jewelry making and craft staple

    By sa**l

    2018-06-06 13:02

    Size: 22 Gauge (0.6mm) | Color: Silver - 22 Gauge

    Versatile wire. This wire is fairly soft. It works well in a variety of different projects.

  • Five Stars

    By fi**y

    2018-06-02 15:58

    Size: 26 Gauge (0.4mm) | Color: Rose Gold - 26 Gauge

    exactly what I was expecting and as described

  • Five Stars

    By Te**t

    2018-05-27 15:26

    Size: 24 Gauge (0.5mm) | Color: Gunmetal - 24 Gauge

    This was perfect for a project I did with my students. Bendable metal, but still holds its shape.

  • Heavy Duty

    By La**s

    2018-05-22 11:19

    Size: 20 Gauge (0.8mm) | Color: Silver - 20 Gauge

    This is a 20 gauge wire and is working very well in creating bracelet size rosaries and earrings.

  • Cant beat it for value for money :)

    By Ta**t

    2018-05-17 08:46

    Size: 26 Gauge (0.4mm) | Color: Antique Bronze - 26 Gauge

    Love this product, easy to work and holds its shape well. Having used this before I knew to be careful with it as it does show tool marks easily.

  • Will buy again

    By Ke**y

    2018-05-15 07:50

    Size: 28 Gauge (0.3mm) | Color: Gunmetal - 28 Gauge

    This wire is great. It is very pliable. Some may find it too soft but it works perfectly for the projects I have in mind.

  • I use this for making bracelets its good quality

    By Pa**a

    2018-05-14 08:25

    Size: 28 Gauge (0.3mm) | Color: Rose Gold - 28 Gauge

    works very well for my bracelt making. One person found this helpful

  • Great for fine intricate jewelry

    By J **i

    2018-05-12 08:21

    Size: 28 Gauge (0.3mm) | Color: Golden - 28 Gauge

    The wire is perfectly matched in color to other wire we purchased elsewhere. It is perfect to use for fine intricate work with beading and decorative details in jewelry and other wire work pieces. It arrived as promised and was packaged well. It’s a great bargain; why pay the same price for only 40 yards when one can yards from this supplier?

  • I love the wire

    By LI**N

    2018-05-06 08:49

    Size: 26 Gauge (0.4mm) | Color: Gunmetal - 26 Gauge

    I love the wire, it's perfect but what received wasn't what I expected. I was disappointed because I needed the extra length. When I placed my order I got 2 because the information said 98 yards 24 gauge. It also had 33m but I had focused on the 98 yards. I didn't get 98 yards as promised I got 98 feet which is 30m.

  • excellent quality

    By So**z

    2018-04-21 05:25

    Size: 28 Gauge (0.3mm) | Color: Antique Bronze - 28 Gauge

    excellent product, product is very easy to work with. I love the packaging wire stays put no wire unravelling. fast shipping.very pleased

  • Five Stars

    By na**n

    2018-04-12 12:46

    Size: 24 Gauge (0.5mm) | Color: Silver - 24 Gauge

    It is what I expected

  • Easy to use and cuts with a wire cutter

    By An**z

    2018-03-30 00:34

    Size: 24 Gauge (0.5mm) | Color: Rose Gold - 24 Gauge

    Vibrant colour! Easy to use and cuts with a wire cutter.

  • Perfect thickness and length

    By KA**L

    2018-03-26 19:17

    Size: 24 Gauge (0.5mm) | Color: Golden - 24 Gauge

    Just exactly what I need for the project. Perfect thickness and length.


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BENECREAT Copper Wire Permanently Colored Wire, 28 g, 100 m/109 yd., Gold color

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