Sea Shell Beads, Mixed Color, 8~18x5~10x5~10mm; about 400pcs/box(SSHEL-PH0002-33)

Sea Shell Beads, Mixed Color, 8~18x5~10x5~10mm; about 400pcs/box(SSHEL-PH0002-33)

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  1. Quantity: package includes 3 strands natural sea shell beads in mixed colors, about 109 pcs shells/strand, each strand about 48"(1.2m); totally about 400 pcs shells in the package.
  2. DIY Jewelry: bore a hole, then string them to make jewelry or affix these mini conchs to surfaces for craft borders,natural sea shells add a fresh touch to nautical or beach decor.
  3. Home Decorations: They will bring together that ocean breeze tropical decor feel. Perfectly fit for all your DIY needs. They make perfect accents for candle making, filling clear vases, nautical decor, ornaments, floral and wreath arrangements and beach party decorations.
  4. Fish Tank Decorations: great ornaments for fish tank. Spread a few tiny starfish and seashells with grains of beach sand in a fishtank. Make a soothing under the sea theme by using them for fish tank decorations and designing a miniature reproduction garden beach scene.
  5. Party Decorations: Hawaiian accessories pair well with these nautical theme birthday party. Use as a table scatter for a beach party, as party favors. Make beautiful vibrant decorations for the home living room, dining table, bedrooms, art gallery, luau party, restaurant decor and more.

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Sea Shell Beads, Mixed Color


Shell Beads Strand: about 8~18mm long, 5~10mm wide, 5~10mm thick; about 400pcs;

Bead Container: 7.2x8cm; Capacity: 250ml, 1pc;

Sponge Mat: 66x15mm, 1pc.

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Sea Shell Beads, Mixed Color, 8~18x5~10x5~10mm; about 400pcs/box

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