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-40% BENECREAT 15 Gauge 220FT Aluminum Wire Anodized Jewelry Craft Making Beading Floral Colored Aluminum Craft Wire - Silver(AW-BC0001-1.5mm-02)

-40% BENECREAT 15 Gauge 220FT Aluminum Wire Anodized Jewelry Craft Making Beading Floral Colored Aluminum Craft Wire - Silver(AW-BC0001-1.5mm-02)

  1. 【SOFT & FLEXIBLE】: Solid aluminum, Rusting & tarnish free, can be used for a long time; Great for craft projects and jewelry making
  2. 【SHINY VIBRANT COLOR】: Color: Silver, durable & long-lasting; Colors may vary a little because of different dye lots or due to monitor resolution
  3. 【SIZE REFERENCE】: Wire Size - 15 Gauge (1.5mm) in thickness, 223 Feet (68m) in length; It's placed in a customized box with logo, can better protect the jewelry wire
  4. 【WIDE USAGE】: Sculpturing, wire weaving, decorating, crafting, beading, jewelry making, florist arranging, gardening, or wrapping
  5. 【VERSATILE COLOR & SIZE】: BENECREAT High Quality Aluminum Wire, 11 Shiny Vibrant Color and 5 Different Size, Good Choice for Jewelry Making

Product DescriptionSize Info

【SIZE REFERENCE】: Wire Size - 18 Gauge (1mm) in thickness, 492 Feet (150m) in length; It's placed in a customized box with logo, can better protect the jewelry wire

What is Wire Gauge?

Wire gauge refers to the thickness of wire. the smaller the gauge number, the thicker the wire. In the chart below, you can see a list of different sizes and the common usages for each size.

Wide Gauge & Its Usages

Gauge MM Inches Usage
32 0.2 0.008 32 gauge is extremely thin while 30 gauge and 28 gauge are slightly thicker, all Great for delicate jewelry, they can be used for wire weaving, bead crochet and fine coils. It can even be used like sewing thread.
30 0.254 0.01
28 0.32 0.013
26 0.406 0.016 Popular fit for wire weaving, stiff sewing; work well with pearl and gemstone beads with tiny holes.
24 0.508 0.02 For wire wrapping beads with small to medium sized holes; durable enough to make wire wrapped loops.
22 0.635 0.025 Medium-gauge wires, good for making jewelry findings, such as ear wires, eye pins, jump rings, etc. They can also be used for stone settings.
20 0.813 0.032
18 1.02 0.04 Great for sturdy clasps and heavy jump rings. Useful for connecting chunkier beads with simple or wrapped loops.
17 1.15 0.045
16 1.3 0.051
14 1.63 0.064 Good choice for rings, bracelets, bangles and cuffs. These thicker wires usually be used to create frames and structures.
12 2.05 0.081
10 2.5 0.102 For making heavy gauge wire bangle bracelets.
9 3 0.114

Choose Right Wire Material for Your Projects

Aluminum Wire

Aluminum wire greatly malleable, easy to form it into various desired shapes; It is a very lightweight material, making it perfect for large pieces like wide cuff, elaborate bib necklaces, delicate earrings, craft embellishments and more.

Copper Wire

Copper wire also comes in a variety of colors; It’s malleable, easy to form into various gorgeous shapes. Copper wire is soft but not very lightweight metal, which can make your projects as solid as possible, and hold its shape very well, often used for lightweight designs such as creating jump rings, wrapping beads, making jewelry components and much more.

You May Need:

Steel Wire

Steel wire is a material that is tough and hard but still workable; It may take you a little effort to form the steel wire into the desired shape. Steel wire can endure heavy wear jewelry, fit for making jump rings and loops.

Steel wire is anti-rust and anti-oxidation, making it long lasting than other metal jewelry, fit for making frequent wear jewelries such as key chains, bracelets and other jewelry components. It’s hypoallergenic for most people, perfect used as starters jewelry.

Iron Wire

Iron wire is strong but thin & flexible wire, You can form it into the shape you like. Except for beads wrapping, jewelry components making, iron wire is also perfect as plant ties, floral garlands arrangement ties, bag cable secure ties, holiday decorating wires and other DIY decoration projects.

Sterling Silver Wire

Sterling silver wire can be easily manipulated using pliers and other jewelry-making tools. It is highly valued for its beauty, durability, and versatility, commonly used by jewelers to create wire-wrapped jewelry, beaded jewelry, and other wire-based designs.

Customer Reviews

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  • Great Product

    By Ma**t

    2024-06-21 01:41

    Size: about 1.50mm in diameter | Color: Camel

    Jewelry creation. the guage was perfect. IT WAS SO EXCITING TO CREATE WITH.

  • I Buy It For Crafts But I Use it For Tons of Stuff

    By PI**A

    2024-05-22 00:23

    Size: about 1.50mm in diameter | Color: Gainsboro

    I am very impressed with how easily this bends and how well it forms to whatever you want. It has a very nice silver color that is not glossy but shines a little, perfect for crafts. I use this for crafts made from deer antler and leather strips and beads a lot, but have also used it for knife handles and lots of others. It's great because it will stay in place as you want it to.
    I also use it all the time for small repairs and wiring things together because of the ease of use and remaining where you put it, as well as good strength. You get a lot of wire for the price. Great value.

  • Aluminating Creativity

    By Na**l

    2024-05-22 00:22

    Size: about 1.50mm in diameter | Color: Gainsboro

    This aluminum wire is a quality crafting essential with endless possibilities. Its sturdy yet malleable nature allows for precise shaping and detailing. Whether you're sculpting, jewelry-making, or creating decorative pieces, this wire delivers. Highly recommended for any crafting enthusiast!

  • Definitely good quality.

    By **n

    2024-05-22 00:21

    Size: about 1.50mm in diameter | Color: Gainsboro

    This wire is great for crafting and made well. I have used it on smaller bonsai trees. Well worth the price.


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BENECREAT 15 Gauge 220FT Aluminum Wire Anodized Jewelry Craft Making Beading Floral Colored Aluminum Craft Wire - Silver

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