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35% OFF BENECREAT 20-Gauge Light Gold Copper Wire Tarnish Resistant Wire, 33-Feet/11-Yard, for Jewelry Craft Making(CWIR-BC0001-0.8mm-KCG)

35% OFF BENECREAT 20-Gauge Light Gold Copper Wire Tarnish Resistant Wire, 33-Feet/11-Yard, for Jewelry Craft Making(CWIR-BC0001-0.8mm-KCG)

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    Price:US $7.47

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  • Quantity:1 Roll
  • Size:20-Gauge(33-Feet/11-Yard)


  • Color: Gold

  1. 【Premium Quality】: Soft temper wire is shapeable, Easy to bend or or be cut with pliers, but not easily broken at all
  2. 【Size Reference】: Thickness 20 Guage (0.8mm,0.032inch); Length 10m (about 33-Feet/11-Yard)
  3. 【Wide Usage】: Great for making jewelry components such as chain maille, beaded chain, jump rings, earwires, and wire wrapped pendants or any craft project
  4. 【Permanently Colored】- Color: Light Gold; Tarnish resistant coating, Permanently enamel colored, sturdy and durable
  5. 【Various Size and Color】: We provide different sizes and colors, which can satisfy various needs, long lasting for use; Notice, colors may vary a little because of different dye lots or due to monitor resolution

Product DescriptionSize Info

【Size Reference】: Thickness 20 Guage (0.8mm,0.032inch); Length 10m (about 33-Feet/11-Yard)

Customer Reviews

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  • Real gold color instead of yellow !

    By Ow**l

    2021-08-05 23:56

    Size: 20-Gauge(33-Feet/11-Yard) | Color: Gold

    Real 14 kt gold color Love it

  • BENECREAT 18-Gauge Tarnish Resistant Antique Bronze Wire

    By le**z

    2021-08-05 03:05

    Size: 20-Gauge(33-Feet/11-Yard) | Color: Gold

    Great jewelry-making wire. Easy to use and bend with jewelry pliers. Nice color and great price. Hope this helps!

  • Great wire for jewelry making

    By Iv**z

    2021-08-05 03:03

    Size: 20-Gauge(33-Feet/11-Yard) | Color: Gold

    This wire was perfect for a custom crown I made. It is malleable without breaking or hardening too much, and my tools didn't scar it at all. I used two different gauges to complete the project.

  • Great for fine intricate jewelry

    By Li**s

    2021-08-05 03:01

    Size: 20-Gauge(33-Feet/11-Yard) | Color: Gold

    The wire is perfectly matched in color to other wire we purchased elsewhere. It is perfect to use for fine intricate work with beading and decorative details in jewelry and other wire work pieces. It arrived as promised and was packaged well.

  • ery good product in my opinion

    By Ta**a

    2021-08-05 02:59

    Size: 20-Gauge(33-Feet/11-Yard) | Color: Gold

    I really like this beading wire because although it is thin is also strong while still being flexible to work with and with good bendable qualities also. I am using it to cover a wire lampshade frame with beads (6mm x 9mm translucent pony beads). Almost done and ma pleased with the results. Much easier to work with than some beading wire that I have used prior to this and also a very good value for the money.

  • Great size and feel as a face mask nose wire

    By Tw**k

    2021-08-05 02:55

    Size: 20-Gauge(33-Feet/11-Yard) | Color: Gold

    I bought this at my mother's request because she wanted a soft wire that will still hold its shape to use in face masks as the nose wire. It works well and I can attest to the comfort. The wire is not too hard but will hold its shape, almost feels like its not there.

  • Benecreat is the Best Choice!

    By Tw**k

    2021-08-05 02:53

    Size: 20-Gauge(33-Feet/11-Yard) | Color: Gold

    I have purchased many different brands, and kinds, of wire over the three years, I have been remaking wire jewelry. I have a favorite brand (which I won't name here), that I like their bare copper wire. I find that the Benecreat wire was a welcome surprise to the quality of the coated wire. I am usually not a fan , for the coated wire but this brand is an exception. It's sleek and so easy to wrap and weave. It makes the whole experience of wire weaving all the more enjoyable. I just wish and hope that Benecreat has a bulk size in this wire!

  • Wire-wrapping made easy!

    By Tw**k

    2021-08-05 02:52

    Size: 20-Gauge(33-Feet/11-Yard) | Color: Gold

    Supple wire, winds flawlessly making the process of wire-wrapping hoops faster and easier. Very pleased!

  • Perfect

    By Da**c

    2021-08-05 02:47

    Size: 20-Gauge(33-Feet/11-Yard) | Color: Gold

    Great! Used it to make these geometric centerpiece for my brothers future wedding.. the wire was sturdy enough to hold it all together. Great buy.

  • Easy To Work With

    By Da**c

    2021-08-05 02:45

    Size: 20-Gauge(33-Feet/11-Yard) | Color: Gold

    I wire wrap and weave daily for my specialty shop, I have no complaints with the silver wire and I purchase all gauges. For me, it is easy to work with and looks wonderful on the finished piece. I have bought from nearly every online shop, but keep coming back to this specific one.


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BENECREAT 20-Gauge Light Gold Copper Wire Tarnish Resistant Wire, 33-Feet/11-Yard, for Jewelry Craft Making

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