PandaHall Elite 6mm Multicolor-1 Glass Pearls Tiny Satin Luster Round Loose Pearl Beads for Jewelry Making, about 500pcs/box(HY-PH0004-6mm-01-B)

  1. Size: The glass pearls are about 6mm in diameter, hole: 0.7mm; about 50pcs/compartment, 500pcs/box.
  2. The mixed color glass beads come with a sturdy plastic organizer box for convenient to store and carry.
  3. The pearl beads are made of high quality glass materials. Each pearl bead of the packing is carefully selected by the manufacturer. With high brightness and high quality, the glass pearls have pastel-colored coatings and are heated for a durable finish.
  4. The glass pearl beads with box are great kit for DIY bracelet, necklace, dress decoration, jewelry accessories, gifts and other crafts. Fully showing your special imagination and personality.
  5. Note: The picture shown may appear larger on your screen. Color may vary slightly due to the color setting of each individual monitor.

Product Description

PandaHall Elite® 10 Color Environmental Pearlized Glass Pearl Round Beads, Dyed, Mixed Color

Size: about 6mm in diameter, hole: 0.7mm; about 60pcs/compartment, 600pcs/box.

Customer Reviews

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  • Beautiful colors!

    By je**d

    2018-05-24 02:02:39.0

    Size: Diameter 8mm | Color: Multicolor-3

    I haven't used these beads yet, but they appear to be exactly as described. The colors are fantastic! I'll be using them as eyes in some of my clay dragons, so will hopefully be able to add some images later on.


    By Ca**t

    2018-03-25 22:17:24.0

    Size: Diameter 8mm | Color: Multicolor-6

    Love the item. comes in small container that can be reused (A PLUS) and the beads are beautiful. Will need to purchase more soon. Come well protected and container stays closed. Easy to move around and tuck away if not using.

  • Beautiful, vivid colors!

    By Lu**u

    2018-03-24 06:50:07.0

    Size: Diameter 8mm | Color: Multicolor-5

    I really like the case that they come in. The beads are sorted as they are shown in the picture. The sections of the case are big enough so it isn't difficult to pick out the bead you want but the case isn't so big that it is bulky. I would definitely purchase these again!

  • Gorgeous!

    By LI**N

    2018-03-05 18:19:27.0

    Size: Diameter 6mm | Color: Multicolor-2

    These pearls are fantastic! There are so many colors that I will be able to use these in every project this month! The round pearls are so shiney and pretty that its easy to see that they are a great quality. I will buy more, these are a great value. Thanks!

  • great for any beader

    By Th**r

    2018-02-02 16:31:38.0

    Size: Diameter 8mm | Color: Multicolor-4

    They look like satin! Wonderful!!

  • Good quality at a great price

    By Cl**l

    2018-01-22 02:27:29.0

    Size: Diameter 8mm | Color: Multicolor-7

    Great quality beads at a great price. I am using them on barrettes and they look lovely. Great colors too.

  • GREAT!!!!

    By Sh**s

    2018-01-19 07:03:49.0

    Size: Diameter 6mm | Color: Multicolor-1

    Love this selection of glass pearls. I'll be buying these again and again. The quality A+++ and selection is A++++


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PandaHall Elite 6mm Multicolor-1 Glass Pearls Tiny Satin Luster Round Loose Pearl Beads for Jewelry Making, about 500pcs/box

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